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I reverse engineered this product by Yakima when I finished building my new mountain bike and realized the 15mm thru axle front fork was not compatible with the existing 9mm quick release based Yakima Viper car roof rack.  I promptly ordered the Yakima HighRoller off Promotive but in the meantime I used my prototype that I made based off caliper measurements of my viper rack and pictures I found on Yakima’s website.

Here's the Yakima 15mm Fork Adapter (MSRP $49)

Here is my prototype. This was designed in SolidWorks and created with an Objet. This prototype withstood highway forces with a 30Lb mountain bike for 50-60 miles during the week my HighRoller was on order.

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This was my 3rd project I worked on at Leupold; the UltimateSlam rifle scopes in both 2-7x33mm and 3-9x40mm; matte and silver (MSRP $250).  This product contained the trademark SA.B.R reticle (SAbot Ballistics Reticle) which provides precise and distinct hold points for 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300 yards, accurately with sabots containing 2-pellet or 3-pellet loads and 12 guage or 20 gauge shotgun loads.  The center ring and each aiming point subtends 3″ at the intended range.

This is my SolidWorks model of the silver 2-7x33mm with the SA.B.R. reticle depicted.

Accuracy comparison against competitor.

Rifleman 3-9x40mm riflescope (MSRP $200).  1/2-MOA incremental adjustment.  Duplex reticle.  Also did the 2-7x33mm model.  Model shown below is the QDMA version (you can see the QDMA logo lased on the turret)

This is my SolidWorks model of the matte 3-9x40mm.

This was my first product design at Leupold – The illuminated Prismatic 1x14mm rifle scope (MSRP $499).  This scope has a magnification of 1x so you can operate with both eyes open for the superior depth perception and wide field of view that’s crucial for fast target acquisition and reactive shooting.  This was designed with different height mounting spacers to accomodate several weapon platforms.  Also compatible with the A.R.M.S. #22-34mm Throw Lever type mount.  Index Matched Lens System for clarity, brightness, and contrast.  Thickest maintube ever in a Leupold product – meant to be stout and rugged.  Waterproof.  Illumination is a single tact push button with plenty of inteligence such as hold for power on/off, auto-off, and push to cycle through brightness.

This is my SolidWorks model anodized Dark Earth.

For comparison to my SolidWorks model, here's a catalog shot of the real thing in matte black.



Here's my SolidWorks model with Butler Creek objective flip cover, eyepiece flip cover, illumination assembly, and quick release Picatinny rail mount. Depicted in the lower right is the illuminated circle dot reticle.


2011 Leupold Tactical Catatog - Page 25

2011 Leupold Tactical Catatog - Page 24

USNR - Unscrambler and Scanner (Lumber handling). This is a machine that takes a pile of boards, segregates and transfers them to the edger infeed. I designed several of these while at USNR.

Quad Roll Log Turner

My SolidWorks model for Weyco

Here I’m pointing out the PLR scan frame and Quad Roll Log Turner. I did the mechanical engineering for a couple of these at USNR.