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My neighbor, Mark Cooper decided to build an airplane in his garage.


In an attempt to build something equally as cool in my garage I decided to tackle the venerable Kegorator.


I started with an old Sobe convenience store fridge.  To get maximum variety I went with cornelius kegs in the form of (2) traditional 5-gallon vessels and (1) 3-gallon smaller keg that would fit on the back shelf.  I have my CO2 located to the right of the 3-gallon keg on the back shelf.


With so many kegs I decided to go with a CO2 manifold, which can be seen mounted to the front.  I have a 0-15psi gauge mounted to the left which allows me to monitor precise serving pressures.

Kegorator Thermometer Mount

To the right of the manifold is a vintage Cooper thermometer circa 1960.  I installed this with a mount I designed and built with an Objet.


All 3 serving lines run up to a triple tap tower that I fitted with (2) Perlick Creamer faucets, Left and Right, and in the center position I have a Perlick Flow Control.  I must say, Perlicks are worth every cent.


My final ‘major’ tweak was to create my own version of a Taplister setup.  I created “Tapster”.  This is a single PowerPoint slide set to run as a self executable, in my windows startup folder, and only on my 2nd monitor above the kegorator.  I designed it to look like a chalkboard.  It lists the specs of each beer I have on tap.  I even included what looks like logo stickers.  Thanks to my awesome interior designer wife for having one of her vendors make me the classy frame for the monitor.

Now, I realize this isn’t an airplane but it has increased my neighborhood popularity and I’m sure it’s boosted my bid to run for the open HOA position this year 🙂